Candy Bar Production Line

Short Description:

The Mars Bar Production line is used for producing all kinds of candy bars with full automatic continuously produce technology. It has advanced technology to meet high production. Using with the chocolate enrober together, it can produce all kinds of chcolate compound products.

Main Components:
1. Kitchen system:
a. Auto-weighing and dissolving system
b. Aerating cooker for nougat
c. Double”Z” blade mixer
e. Caramel cooker
2. Forming system:
a. Nougat layer roller
b. Caramel layer roller
c. Nuts sprinkler (Option)
d. Cooling Tunnel
e. Longitudinal Cutters
f. Ropes Separator
g. Guillotine
h. Enrober and cooling tunnel
3. Auto-packing system
Automatic aligner plant and servo driving flow wrapping machine

Product Detail

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Technical Dat

Power line part 14kw  cooling part 75kw
Voltage/frequency   380V/ 50Hz
Working air pressure  ≥0.7 Mpa
Cooling temperature  ≥-10°C
Output     5000kg/shift(based on the different candy)
Suitable moulds’ range   275mm×175mm×25mm   
Depositing range   3~18g / cavity (100~570g)
Speed     6pieces /min~12pieces/min
Dimension     19000mm×4000mm×1650mm




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