Chocolate Chips Depositing Machine

Short Description:

The chocolate chip depositor is a specified equipment to produce small granule chocolate.
The chocolate liquid dripping directly onto the PU conveyor belt and moves into the cooling tunnel for cooling, accor-ding to the roller under the conveyor belt, the chocolate granules fall automatically.
The machine has characteristics of accurate control, simple operation, wide range of usage and large production capacity.

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Technical Data

Conveyor belt width 600-1200mm(Optional)
Water drop frequency 12-15 times/min
Cooling tunnel working temperature 0-10℃
Refrigeration capacity 16970w/h×2
(evaporation temperature -5℃,condensation
temperature 30℃
Matched total power 22.2kw
Compressed air consumption 0.6m³/min(User supply)
Outer Dimension 16000×1600×1750mm
Weight 2500kg

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