Chocolate Polishing Machine

Short Description:

This chocolate dipping machine is suitable for the polishing and coating of different shape of chocolate products, such as circular,flat,oval and cylindrical etc.
Chocolate polished and coated are excellent in lustre,colour and shape.
After various cylindrical chocolates packed by coloured aluminium foil paper, it will have a tight,plain and clear-cut appearanc.

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Technical Data

Angle 30°(stepless adjustable)
Loading weight 45-90kg/times
Specification Φ1000mm or Φ1420mm(maximum diameter of pot body excircle)
Shapes of pot body shape of water chestnut,apple and pear
Rotation speed 30 or 32RPM
Moto power 1.5kw
Weight 300kg
Outer Dimension 1000×1000×1600mm

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