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न्यूमेरिकल नियंत्रण चॉकलेट जमा और सजावट लाइन
मशीन के 1.With पूर्ण इमदादी नियंत्रण कास्टिंग प्रणाली, पांच अक्ष सिर बहु रंग पाइपिंग चॉकलेट का उत्पादन कर सकते, एक पूर्ण तीन आयामी गेंद प्रकार और अर्द्ध ठोस बड़ा चॉकलेट डालने का कार्य, तिरंगा बड़ा चॉकलेट सजा लिंकेज, स्वत: फ़ीड बादाम चॉकलेट, चॉकलेट बिस्कुट, चॉकलेट और बैंग बैंग कुरकुरा चावल मिश्रित रंग चॉकलेट डाल दिया।
2.Manipulator स्वत: स्टीरियो ढालना और स्वत: सक्शन demolding डिवाइस, अलग करना अधिक साफ हो सकता है के बाद, पैकेजिंग जरूरतों को पूरा चॉकलेट बनाते हैं।
ठंडा सुरंग को बढ़ाने, बहुत ठंड सड़कों की लंबाई कम करने के लिए 3.Designed, कार्यशाला अंतरिक्ष बचाता है।

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Factory Picture and Certificate

उत्पाद टैग

तकनीकी डेटा

उत्पादन क्षमता: 1200-3000kg / 8 घंटे
मोल्ड आकार: 450x225mm
कास्टिंग स्पीड: 10-12 डिस्क / मिनट
मशीन शक्ति " 40kw
संपीड़ित हवा: 0.8 घन ​​मीटर / मिनट, 0.8Mpa
डिस्क मोड की कुल संख्या 315
ठंडा करने की क्षमता: 21800kcal / एच
बर्फ़ीली मशीन शक्ति: 15p
मशीन के आकार 8500x3700x2800cm
मशीन का वजन 4500kgs


Model No.: ME-QHZ
Production Capacity: 20SETS/YEAR
Delivery Date: 60 DAYS
Processing: Filling Machine
Automatic: High Quality
5000KG: 14000X1000X2350
Chocolate Depositing Line: Chocolate Coating line
Means of Transport: Ocean
Processing Types: Snack
Brand Name: MELESUN
380V: 17.4KW
CE: Engineers available to serv…
Chocolate moulding machine: Chocolate Forming machine
चॉकलेट बनाने की मशीन
1.SS304 frame and chains
2.Servo motor
3.Different capacity selection
5.Full automatic

Multifunctional Chocolate decorating machine

1.With full servo control casting system of the machine, five axis linkage pouring head can produce multi-color piping chocolate, a full three-dimensional ball type and semi solid big chocolate, Decorating tricolor big chocolate, automatic feed put almond chocolate, chocolate biscuits, chocolate and bang bang crisp rice mixed color chocolate.
2.Manipulator automatic stereo mold and automatic suction demolding device, make the chocolate after stripping can be more tidy, meet the packaging needs.
3.Designed to enhance the cooling tunnel, greatly shorten the cold road length, saves workshop space.


उत्पादन क्षमता 1200-3000kg/8 hour
Mold Size: 450x225mm
Casting Speed 10-12 disc/min
Machine Power 40KW
Compressed Air 0.8m3/min,0.8Mpa
The total number of the disk mode 315
Cooling Capacity 21800Kcal/H
Freezing Machine Power 15P
Size of Machine 8500x3700x2800cm
Weight of Machine 4500kg


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    Complete solution of chocolate production factory, we offer chocolate production machine, chocolate packing machine,
    chocolate packing materials include aluminium paper, plastic box, PET blister tray, bakery paper cup, muffin paper cup, plastic packing bag, we provide one-stop service.

    Our factory and customers


    We offer OEM and ODM service, with our own in-house quality control and R&D teams, we have senior technical staff and excellent pre-sales after-sales service,
    we will send our technician to your factory for installation the machine and training your staff untill the machine running in good condition
    and your staff know the operation of the machine very well after the machines arrive your factory.


    All of the products are based on original design, we offer the best quality and affordable price,
    will do 100% inspection before products leave our factory, trust you will be satisfied with us.

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    Patent Certification


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    सुइट 408, No.121 Gongyuan रोड,
    Haishu जिला,
    Ningbo, Zhejiang, चीन





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    रविवार: बंद


    1. How about your quality?

    (1)We have been specialized in chocolate machines for more than 46 years
    (2)We have strict quality inspection department to inspect 12 hours’working status of all the machines beforedelivery so as to make sure the quality.

    2.How about your after-sale service and warranty period?

    (1)We provide one-stop installation (all fees including visa , Transportation, accomdation will be afforded by buyer
    (2) Warranty period: 12 months after delivery.
    (3) We will provide the replacement parts for free due to quality problems underproper operation within warranty period.
    (4) Afterwarranty period, we’ll charge the replacement parts at cost price.
    (5) We provide lifetime technical support for all the machines.

    3. Where are your main markets?
    After 46 years’ development, our chocolate machines have been sold to over 60 countries worldwide , such as Russia,Ukraine, Uzbekistan, America, India, Spain, Peru, Egypt, Poland, Indonesia,Thailand, Bangladesh, Estonia, Armenia, Belgium, etc.

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