JC-350 High Speed Hard Candy Production Machine

Short Description:

1.DIE FORMED HARD CANDY MACHINE adopt four taper-shaped rollers to run in the same speed and direction,make the confection even,and keep the jam in the center of candy constantly.

2.Adopt several pulling wheel group to make the candy strip even,and convenient for forming.

3.Adopt the forming theory of acentric mould core type,make the forming result perfectly.

4.Adopt refrigeration technique, cool the formed candy swiftly for packing.

Product Detail

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Technical Data

 Main parts Capacity Power Dimension
Jam pump 30~60L/h 3 1210X620X1150
Heat-proof roller-stand   6.95 2500X750X1650
Strip pulling device   3.42 1500X680X1350
Molding machine <500kg/h 3.38 2250X1000X1600
Crumb collector Fiow velocity1800~3700m³/h 2.2 1200X1160X2200
Cooling cabinet Cooling time 5~7.5min 36 9000X1970X1980


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