Mylikes Chocolate Core Forming Machine

Short Description:

1.This forming machine is especially for forming the core of Mylikes chocolate.
2.After mixing,the core material is deposited and formed on the mould plate.
3. the special automatic equipment for amylum mould and depositing core.
4.The machine is also suitable for amylum panocha, liqueur core candies and other products.
5.The amylum for use must be sifted out and roast. The mass can be used after it is mixed by the blender and seeped by the strainer.
6.According to customers’ requirements, the speed can be adjusted to 5 ~ 7 sets per min.

Product Detail

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Technical Data

 Model project 90L-4
Depositing speed(plates/min) 6-7
Capacity(kg/h) 65
Motor power(kw) 1.1
Weight(kg) 1500
Outside dimensions(mm) 4720×1120×1450


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